Pantheon online entertainment platform for you to create your own brand exclusively for the site, we snare a variety of different types and areas of the game project, which was integrated into the system of one-stop service, which may make you feel when websites operating multiplier effect, providing online casino game types included (variety of topics Slot Game, Multiplayer Games, Roulette, Sic Bo); Ball Games (KENO, bingo); Sporting Events Games (baseball, football , basketball, tennis); Unique 3D Dealer Series (Black Jack, Baccarat); Live Dealer (Sic Bo, Roulette, Baccarat, Dragon), we will also revise adjusted according to your needs as the most suitable your program.

    Game Lease

    We offer our customers many types of games, you can freely choose what you need for the game.
  1. Live Dealer: operated by a variety of live dealer games, so you feel in person the shock!
  2. 3D Dealer: we have created a unique 3D Dealer for Baccarat and Black Jack, gorgeous styling dealers led players to experience realistic gaming experience ever.
  3. Online Casino: we have a variety of online casino games, including a multi- gaming, such as: Slot game, Multi-Player game, Sic Bo, Roulette, Stud, Landlords, diverse games everything.
  4. KENO: We have five countries Keno available for you to choose currently.(Taiwan, Beijing , South Australia , Malta, Western Canada)
  5. Other (sports events / bingo / online scratch)
  6. Sporting events: Sports Events based on a variety of subject athletic and predict events for the lottery process and its results gameplay, types were widely loved baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf.

    Bingo: a lottery every five minutes once the computer lottery game, the odds of a special single and double play and guess people feel wonderful and exciting.

    Online Scratch: exclusive online scratch it out of the entity scratch stereotype, from Pick to awarding allows players online will be able to step in place, with more than issues of the entertainment of the game, given the new style, realistic scraper, a variety of game themes, gameplay design, immediately scratch immediately awarding, give players instant jackpot of fun.