1. "BINGO BINGO " is a quick type of ball game (usually about every five minutes once lottery). Pick the range of 01 to 80, each time the lottery, the computer system will randomly out of 20 ball number (the last one out of the ball number is "Super number"), you can choose according to your conduct on the play and pick award. If you meet any of the random selection of a winning situation, which is winning and to justify regulations against the prize, the game result is absolutely fair, all the winning numbers were cf Taiwan Lottery Official Bingo Bingo lottery results. (
    2. Super Play
      1.guess large or small: (odds 1.9x times) (50% chance of winning) Super ball number 01-40 ,result is small, super ball number 41-80,result is large.
      2.guess odd number or even number: (odds 1.9x times) (50% chance of winning)Super ball number 01,03,05 ...,result is odd, Super ball number 02,04,06 ...,result is even.
      ※ part of the play betting odds depending on prevailing conditions do float-adjusted, the actual odds please odds based disk shows

      General play>
      1.Pick ball number: You can choose any stars play (called "a star", "2 star", "3 Stars" ...) Guess large or small: (Odds 7 multiple) You can choose large or small bet on either side.
      When the ball out No. 01-40 of quantities greater than or equal to 13, the result is"small".
      When the ball out No. 41-80 of quantities greater than or equal to 13, the result is "large".
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